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ERK Designs
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Websites serve many purposes. They serve as store fronts, they communicate information, and they provide services interactively.

I have experience designing, implementing and supporting websites covering these various purposes using the technologies listed to the left.

To be successful website development, from the ground up, requires a lot of interaction with the customer discovering just what the customer wants and needs while keeping a close eye on the proposed budget.

Working with the customer decisions concerning content are thoroughly discussed . The "story" and information contained within has to come from the customer. This may be provided directly as hard copy or discovered during interactive meetings and then formalized by the web designer. From this step the look and feel of the site is determined.

Color schemes, page layout (including the number of pages), and image selection define the site's harmony. The harmony ensures that all components compliment one another working together creating a look and feel defining the site as an entity. Visitors are drawn into the site because it generates interest. Visitors stay with the site because it is easy to navigate while serving their needs and interests. It is the harmony and the way the site appears as an integrated unit that serves to make it successful.

This process of defining and designing the details of the site is accomplished using various tools creating prototypes that are subject to regular customer reviews. As the design progresses the prototypes converge on a final design. When the customer agrees to this final design the final product is created, reviewed, and put into production.